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As long as there's Shadow, Twilight, or other Sonic MLP stuff are involved.

:D No rules! Anything goes!:D
Everything is voluntary; nothing is mandatory.

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Sonic MLP crossover group dedicated to Shadow the Hedgehog and Twilight Sparkle, sharing arts, comics, fanfics featuring them, and to have fun with them.
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We affiliate with just about anyone here. Give a holler if you have any questions.
Ever since Sega revealed Silver the Hedgehog many fans had many confusing ideas of Silver's past. The most confusing idea of who is Silver,is his parents. I have researched many of the famous Sega characters and I am here to explain.

The Father

Shadow the Hedgehog
Almost every fans number one guess! I have recently known Shadow and Silver has many similarities and a very few differences.

1. The Chest Fur
Shadow and Silver's chest fur have a connection. But the difference is Silver's chest fur is more shaggier than Shadows.

2. The Body
As you can see,Silver has no round tan belly and has a muscular look like Shadow.

3. The Powers
Now this is what gets interesting! Silver has a rare ability of Chaos Control and Teleporting!

4.The Eyes
There are black markings around Silver's eyes. The color of Shadow's fur.

5. The Attitude
Silver's attitude of relentless determination leads him to make enemy's easily. Comparing to Shadow who does no get along with people the first time. When on a task,he is very rude and bad tempered when someone is not focusing on a mission. Very much like Shadow and Rouge relationship. Silver would do anything to accomplish his goals. Also,he does not like anyone getting in his way. Very similar to Shadow.

6. The Clothing
Silver's boots has a vertical stripes of black and white. With Shadow's shoes of half black and white.

Sonic the Hedgehog
It is not likely that Sonic is Silver's father. In Mobius 30 years later, Sonic is married to Princess Sally Acorn and they both gave two kids name Sonia and Manik.

The Mother
Amy Rose
WHAT?! Amy is in love with Sonic! Again,Sonic is married to Sally. In Mobius 30 Years Later,Sega has not revealed what happen to Amy. But there are many similarities with Silver and Amy. Sorry Silvamy fans!

1. The Clothing
Silver's boots are related to Amy's. Both have stripes but the difference is Silver's has three colors while Amy has two colors.

2. The Personality
Silver has a really similar personality with Amy. In Sonic Generations,Silver is an optimist,and so is Amy. In an interview,it explains Silver is childish and somewhat immature. Comparing with Amy's fan girl personality. Yet,Silver is helpful and loving to have around. Much like Amy's relationship with everybody in the Freedom Fighters. (THEY RECENTLY DISBANDED!) She is considered annoying,much like the fans response about Silver.

3. The Powers
Amy does has some fortune powers like tarot cards and others. Much like Silver's Psychokinesis.

4. The Forehead
Amy has three spikes on her head and so does Silver. The difference is Silver's spikes are longer.

5. The Fur
Silver has a single colored fur like Amy.

Other Characters
Rouge the Bat
She may be white,but Silver is 100% hedgehog.

Blaze the Cat
Again,Silver,100% hedgehog,and she is the same age as Silver.
Minor Similarities
Shadow's family
Black Doom
1. Personality
Black Doom and Silver does have the same attitude. They both don't like anyone getting their way.

2. The Appearance
I dont know why Sega made Silver like that,but Black Doom has two identical horns attach to his head,and Silver has two spines at the back of his head.

Maria Robotnik
She is describe as an optimist.

Minor Similarities
Amy's Family
Rob O Hedge
He is the cousin of Amy Rose in the Archie comics.

The Personality
My only know similaritie. He is also describe an optimist.
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